Meet our Founders

Ben & Thom, the Flights Machine Founders

Who are we? Just a couple of guys who love to travel around the world and want to help others do the same. They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... So how about 45?

Thom at the Taj Mahal, Prambanan, Wind River Mountains, Gili Island and more...

Thom (pronounced like Tom) is based in Salt Lake City and is a software developer by trade. In the past he's taken multiple +1 month long trips to Asia, Europe, Central America, not to mention all over the continental United States. When Thom travels, he loves to explore new places outdoors, meet interesting people and understand different perspectives. To contact Thom you can message him on Instagram or email him at [email protected]

Ben in Bangkok, Barcelona, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Ko Phi Phi island and Mumbai

Ben is based nowhere. He has been a full-time "digital nomad" since 2014 --- meaning he lives out of a suitcase + backpack, travels to a new place every 1-5 months, and works online to earn an income (both programming-for-hire and running this site). When Ben travels, he always tries to live like a local and form real friendships with the people in that place. To contact Ben you can message him on Instagram or email him at [email protected]

Thom in Nepal, eastern Java, Cambodia, Maya Bay, Iceland, Japan and others...

The two of us met online back in 2015 on Pieter Level's Nomad List Slack chat group. At the time, Ben was in Taipei and Thom in Salt Lake City. After working together on a few projects over the years, eventually we teamed up in 2017 to create Flights Machine. What might surprise you is that it wasn't until February 2018 when the two of us actually met in person ... When we did finally meet up, it was in Singapore of all places. At the time, Ben was in Bangkok and Thom was in Bali, so for our respective "visa-runs" we decided to meet in the middle in Singapore.

Ben at Anjuna beach in Goa, Shenzhen, Bangkok, India and Barcelona

If you're like us, you always want to travel more. But it's not always financially responsible to do so. And that's why we started Flights Machine. For most people, the biggest barrier to travel is the price of airfare. Once you reach your destination, often staying there is even less expensive than where you're from (cost of food, transportation, etc). With Flights Machine, we wanted to make booking great airfare deals as simple and friction-free as possible. By joining our email list, you'll start receiving amazing flight deals originating in your city to destinations all over the world. Including the booking link! All you need to do is decide if you want to go to X destination for $Y. If so, click the link the book. If not, just wait for our next deal alert email and repeat.

Thom in Innsbruck (Austria), Bali, Kyoto, Tonsai in Thailand and more ...

And that's our story. We hope you're as excited as we are. By subscribing with us, we'll send the very best (& cheapest) airfare deals from your home city, to destinations all over the world. Want to know how we find such great deals? Visit our "How" Page to learn more. Or click here to sign up immediately if you are ready to start receiving our deal emails.


Ben & Thom

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