How we find our deals

Sunrise over Hamburg, Germany

Many people have asked us about how we find our deals. While yes, we have a few tricks up our sleeve (and years of experience finding flights), at it's core there are 3 principles responsible for us consistently finding the best flight deals available. The principles are:

  1. Date Freedom (we search all dates from tomorrow to 11 months from now)
  2. Destination Freedom (we search for destinations all over the globe from your home city)
  3. Searching Every Day (we are on the search engines every single day to avoid missing any deals)

If you think about it --- we flip the usual flight search on it's head. Typically what somebody does when planning a vacation is say:

"Ok, I want to go to Tokyo"

Then, they might invite some friends, family, get general dates of availability (e.g. let's plan it somewhere around Memorial day in May), and *THEN* start the flight search.

$795 round trip from SLC-NRT... About average

Since this is the average way people search for flights, you can expect to pay an average price for your tickets. But ... What if we flipped that on it's head and did things the Flights Machine Way 🤔

"Oh, in the next year I have 2 weeks of vacation and 10 places I would be happy to visit, including: Tokyo, Bangkok, Bali, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Rio de Janiero, Buenos Aires, Lima & Havana"

Springtime cherry blossoms in Japan

Now ... Via the Flights Machine emails we can use "Date Freedom", "Destination Freedom", and "Searching Every Day" to get an amazing deal.

  • Tokyo in August for 10 days turns out to be only $573 round trip [Date Freedom, $222 saved]
  • Bangkok just happens to go on sale for $425 for the originally desired Memorial Day dates [Destination Freedom, $360 saved, OR $160 saved if you also take a ~$200 round trip flight from Bangkok to Tokyo to see both places]
  • The airline mispredicted demand, and that Tokyo flight for $795 actually dropped to $660 a month after you decided you wanted to go to Tokyo [Searching Every Day, $135 saved]

This shows the power of the 3 principles. But let's be realistic --- are you really going to do the tedious work of searching the entire globe for flight deals day-in and day-out until you snag a good deal? I sure wouldn't --- and I'm a travel maniac!

One of the pristine lakes in Alberta, Canada. Our deals might take you to beautiful places you hadn't previously thought to visit.

You can think of Flights Machine as the 21st century travel agent. By sharing us with thousands of other people, at free-or-low-cost* *our All-Access plan costs just $45 per yearto you we can search for the best flight deals day-in and day-out, and then for the handful of vacations you take per year you can open our emails each week and then just pull the trigger and book when you see one you like. Easy-peasy, the Flights Machine Way.

As you saw above, just booking 1 of our deals is likely to save you at least $100 to $200 per person, sometimes more. And joining the list is free. While the free list won't see all of our deals (free users see 1 out of every 4 deals we find), if you are OK with waiting longer then surely a deal you are excited about will come along before too long.


Ben & Thom, Founders

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