Frequently Asked Questions

Flights Machine emails you cheap flight deals from your home city. It’s the easiest way to save hundreds of dollars on airfare for your next trip. Forget manually searching using Google Flights, Expedia, SkyScanner and sites like that. Instead, let the deals come to you. By letting us do the searching across all dates and destinations, we are able to consistently find amazingly cheap flights with prices in the lowest 5% of all tickets. Extra money spent on airfare for the same ticket is money wasted. Instead, we want you to use your savings to splurge on a hotel upgrade, a michelin star meal, or just take a 2nd vacation sooner… The choice is up to you!

Our approach is completely different than how you’d normally search for flights. Normally, you pick a destination (say Rome), go to your preferred travel search engine (Google Flights, Skyscanner, etc.), search around for the cheapest dates, try and guess if it’s a good deal, and then maybe book. But is Rome the only place you want to go? Obviously not! What if Paris was $200 cheaper? Or there was a big sale to Rio de Janiero? Even with the most powerful travel search engines (like Kiwi) that show you many destinations at once, they only show you the deals at the moment your searching. Airline prices swing dramatically up and down over time, and because we are searching for flights every day we can always alert you when they are at their lowest point. So let us do the hard work while you relax. When you get our emails you know the deal is great. So all you need to decide is whether or not you want to go. Easy :)

Yes! Flights Machine will send you 2 awesome deals per week totally free (1 per email), for as long as you'd like. Our service is a 'freemium' model, where most of our subscribers just receive the free deals forever, with a few of our most loyal and valued members opting to upgrade to All Access.

As mentioned, our service is a 'freemium' model, where most of our subscribers just receive the free deals forever, with a few of our most loyal and valued members opting to upgrade to All Access. While there is zero obligation to upgrade to All Access, if you do you can expect 8 deals per week (4 per email), including domestic deals as well as international. Our All Access members are what supports the business and allows us to continue operating, along with receiving a whole host of other benefits (All Access customer support, early deal access, etc).

Google Flights, SkyScanner and sites like them are great when you are planning a specific trip --- like attending your friend's wedding, going home for Thanksgiving, etc. However, if you're like most people you just want to go somewhere. Rome, Rio, Thailand or Tokyo all sound exciting to you. And by having that flexibility of destination + dates, that is how we are able to consistently find amazing flight deals that will save you hundreds of dollars per ticket. So that you can use that extra money to splurge on a hotel upgrade, or michelin star meal, or just take a 2nd vacation sooner!

8 deals per week, always originating in your home city. We send out deals twice per week, with 4 deals in each email (2 international deals and 2 domestic deals)

Visit our Sign Up page and select the city closest to you to receive deals. We are always looking to expand, so if your city is not listed yet give us a shout at [email protected]

If you are a Free User so you will receive two deal alert per week and if you are an All Access member then you will recieve 4X deal alert per week.

Yes! In each of our 2 emails per week, we send 2 international deals and 2 domestic deals.

Unfortunately not :/ While we are great at finding amazing deals we need the freedom of dates and destination to find a good deal. For a specific trip, sometimes there just aren't any cheap flights, sadly.

Yes of course, not a problem. Just sign in and visit your Account Page, where you will see the option to cancel.

We offer a no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase just send an email to us at [email protected] to ask for your refund.

No credit card data is stored on our servers. We use industry-best practice to store your payment information under rock-solid AES-256 encryption.

With any other questions, just email [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.