Travel Tips For Solo Female Travellers: Serena

Travel Safe, Travel Cheap

By Ankita Seth


Save Money & Time While Traveling:

I'm always very conscious about spending on trips so I always check Google flights for the cheapest flight deals, for example last year I went to Japan round trip from New York for less than $600. While traveling, I also generally stay at AirbnB or hostels when I travel since they are so much cheaper than staying at a 5 star hotel. Another way to save money is to accumulate points/miles from my credit card and also from the airline website through shopping & dining. If you have to buy things, you might as well buy it through the airport airline as they give different miles back when you shop at certain stores (Macys: 2 miles per dollar spend for example).

To save time, I always bring only carry on items instead of check in baggage so I don't have to wait for luggage or risk getting my luggage lost. I also plan everything by the hour before the trip (I use Google sheet and make an hour by hour itinerary). I also pin all the locations I'm interested in on Google Maps so it's easy to see what things are close by to save travel time.


Packing Tips:

When traveling in the winter, I pack many layers so I don't have pack too many sweaters. I also make sure to carry on a thick jacket as those generally either don't fit in my luggage or take up too much space. I also wear my boots on the plane so I don't need to pack it in the bag.


Travel Safe:

As a female traveler, I always research the area I stay in to make sure it's a safe area and I find out from online forums on how safe the city is overall. I like staying in the hostel because I can always make friends from my hostel and explore the city at night with them instead of exploring alone. I pack all travel size make up items with me and I also bring those Korean sheet mask with me to make sure my skin stay hydrated as these masks don't take up a lot of space.

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