Travel Pro Interview Series: Veruska Anconitano

Veruska travels the world in search of the ultimate gourmet destinations!

By Ankita Seth


Q: When did you start traveling, and what made you want to travel?

Veruska: I don’t remember when I started traveling, it’s something I’ve always done. When I was a child I used to travel on short destinations just during holiday season but as soon as I grew up I started to travel as much as I could. And one day it became part of my job together with my husband, the photographer of all the pics you see on my social media.

Q: What is your favorite place in the world to travel and why?

Veruska: I love to travel to the US because every thing is big. There are tons of things to do and to discover and many experiences, pretty much for every taste. I think being European, the US is a fashionable destination for me because it is such a different place from what we use to have in Europe. Plus, there are places where you feel like at home and the US, especially California, is a place I could surely call home.

Q: What was your favorite meal that you’ve had while traveling?

Veruska: I’m a foodie traveller which means I travel the world to discover its culinary side and write about it. I don’t have a favorite meal because every time I travel there’s something that captures my eyes and my belly. I fall in love with every dish in every place.


Q: Where would you go if you could fly anywhere in the world right now? What would you do there?

Veruska: I’d love to go to Canada. I love hiking and I’m a mountain person so I’d really love to go there, explore every inch of it and get lost. It’s one of the places on my bucket list and so far I’ve never had a chance to visit. it’s not a long flight from Dublin where I live so who knows, may be it will be one of the next ones!

Q: If you could become a local in one of the places you’ve travelled, which place would it be? And why?

Veruska: Japan, for sure. Being a tourist in Japan means you only see the bright side of things while being a local could allow me to discover the Japanese culture I love and study in depth.

Q: How has traveling long termc hanged your view of home?

Veruska: It can sound trendy to say but traveling and working while traveling has had a big impact on what I consider home today. I’m physically based in Dublin, Ireland, but I’m Italian and I feel I could move anywhere else without any problem. Home is where I feel well, where my husband and working partner is and where I smile.


Q: What countries are next on your list?

Veruska: I’ll be in the US again in November, to explore the Northern California. Then I’ll be in Japan at the end of December. In the middle I’m working on something else but it has to be finalized, so fingers crossed.

Be sure to follow along with Veruska on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and on her Blog. All photos are copyright of Giuseppe Milo.


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