Travel Pro Interview Series: JC The Freelance Cebu Travel Guide

In our interview JC shares his stories and travel hacks with us.

By Ankita Seth


Q: When you travel, what is your best hack for getting from one place to another?

JC: Most of the time, I travel alone. I make sure that I have to do my research about the places that I will be going to. Once I have these places, I will search its location and check if they are just a hike away for me to save on the transportation fee. There are also times that I have to be friendly with the locals and ask them the places that I can go as well as tips on how to get there.

Q: When did you start traveling, and what made you want to travel?

JC: I started traveling six years ago when I experienced riding on a plane. Before that, I thought that traveling was really expensive and you need to have a lot of money to experience the trip of a lifetime, but I was wrong. The more travels I made, the more culture I learned and memories collected. Because of traveling, I learned to be more independent and adventurous. It is not all about the money that you will spend or the things that you shopped, it’s about the lessons you learned and the culture that you were exposed to.


Q: Where would you go if you could fly anywhere in the world right now? What would you do there?

JC: I really like to see the Northern lights and sip my favorite hot Matcha Green Tea with cream.

Q: What are your top two aha moments brought by travelling?

JC: My parents always treat me like their little baby, every time I have to make a decision I always consult them. Because of traveling I proved myself that I can do something on my own and I also unleashed the adventurous side of me. I did cliff jumping, canyoneering, swimming with the turtles, and more. I used to have fear of heights, but because of my experiences in traveling I conquered that fear.


Q: How has traveling long term changed your view of home?

JC: Because of traveling I want to live in a minimalist home and with plants. Looking at green plants makes me feel relaxed, and I don’t want to spend on a lot of things like the latest mobile phones. I want to spend more on travels and great camera.

Q: Who is the most interesting or strange person you have met on your travels?

JC: I forgot the name of the person, but it was very memorable to me since it was my first solo travel outside the country. I went to Singapore three years ago for the second time just to explore the place again and visit my sister.

I was exploring around Sentosa and Universal Studios the whole day, so when it was time for me to go back to my sister’s place, I hop on the bus and unfortunately I did not notice that we already passed by the bus stop where I should hop off. I already ran out of phone juice and my mobile data was acting up. A teenager noticed that I was devastated so he approached me and asked if there is anything he can do to cheer me up, so I asked him if I can use his charger for me to charge my phone but it so happened that he was using a Samsung phone and I was using an iPhone. Good thing that I took note of my sister’s address, so I showed it to him and this teenager who was about to go the military base accompanied me to the train station all the way to the station where I should hop off. It was a little awkward since I am older than that person but he has a greater sense of direction. Hahahahaha.

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