Travel Pro Interview Series: Jasmin Manning

A life long traveler who is passing her passion down to the next generation.

By Thom Allen


Q: When you travel, what is your best hack for getting from one place to another?

Jasmin: When I travel in Europe I like to use public transport, this, I believe, truly adds to the experience as I get to see the flow of the London tube or the less than pleasant smells of the Paris metro and the elegance of a train in Switzerland. I get to see the city at a local perspective as well as save a bunch of money that I’d rather spend on food and treats.


Q: How do you find cheap flights? Do you have a trick or favorite site?

Jasmin: Yep! I love seeing flight deals roll through on Flights Machine to get me into Europe and beyond, and once I’m there I use Ryanair to hop from country to country.

Q: How many countries have you traveled in so far?

Jasmin: My husband and I have each been to over 23 countries and counting. We took a break this year from traveling abroad to have our sweet baby boy and show him parts of our homeland. We have taken him to three national parks and up and down the coast of our home state California before he was three months old.

Q: What countries are next on your list?

Jasmin: We hope to travel next with our cutie baby boy to Japan, Iceland, Spain, Alaska, Hawaii, England, Scotland, and Croatia.


Q: When did you start traveling, and what made you want to travel?

Jasmin: I began traveling abroad when I was seven years old. I went on a three week trip to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland with my parents and older sister while my dad was in training for work so we stayed at a quaint hostel in Austria up on a hill near a zoo. We visited castles and ate amazing food, we interacted with so many local people that shared with us their recipes and told us where to get the best treats. It was a wonderful experience even at such a young age. The first time I flew on a plane alone was at the age of 13, which was a domestic flight still within my home state of California, and then at 21 I moved to Brazil for a few months to help at an orphanage. After I got married at 23, the only gift I wanted from my husband for my birthday or Christmas was the gift of traveling together throughout Europe. It was in the following year that we took almost three months off and travelled to over 16 countries together and have been making strides on the other side of the pond each year ever since.


Q: What was your favorite meal that you’ve had while traveling?

Jasmin: This particular pizza in Venice, Italy. I could have eaten 40 of these things, oh my gosh it was so good. I love food and I cherish the meals shared while traveling as we always aim to eat varying meals that are common and locally sourced for that area, signature dishes for the area, street food or marketplace dishes, and at least one fancy meal in every area we visit. We don’t want to eat just the same sort of things we eat at home or simply the cheapest things we can find, food is a huge part of culture and experience, so it’s very valuable in travels.

Q: Do you ever take days off from exploring while you’re traveling? If so, how did you spend those days?

Jasmin: We usually go for long stretches of time so there are days where one of us can become ill and we need to take a day to rest. In this case we stay in at the Airbnb or hotel we have booked and cuddle up in bed watching movies and take hot showers and drink hot tea. We may still go out for dinner or something but we don’t make it a big deal to push ourselves into the rush of go-go-go. We understand that it’s better to miss a little of one place and heal than to burn out and feel terrible for a longer period of time throughout the trip.

Q: If you could become a local in one of the places you’ve travelled, which place would it be? And why?


Jasmin: Edinburgh, Scotland. This is a place I felt most like I belonged. It just hit me while I was there with my husband and it’s a place I felt so much myself and the self that I wanted to be.

Q: How has traveling long term changed your view of home?

Jasmin: We have a smaller house for the area we live in but in comparison to many places we’ve stayed or travelled to our home seems so large. Traveling has made me gain perspective on minimalism and what is most important to me, which is not materials and things but rather, experiences with the people I love most—and food—we can’t forget food.

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