Travel Pro Interview Series: Hasse Chris

Travelling around the world in luxury.

By Ankita Seth


Q: When you travel, what is your best hack for getting from one place to another?

Chris: To get from one place to another is basically to check what’s the most efficient one. This applies especially if it’s not that long for example I would take a car over public transport if this cuts the time from 3 hours to 1 for example. I have more time to explore. For flying longhaul I’ll go first 3 hours somewhere else to catch a much cheaper business class flight. There are some tricks to book cheaper business fares.

Q: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while flying or taking a train?

Chris: Just recently on a domestic flight in China items where taken from my hand luggage. Yes; hand luggage. You sometimes here these stories and with over 150 flights a year it never happened to me. I never worried about getting robbed on board especially in business class. It does happen. Now I have locks on all important zippers of my hand luggage.

Q: What is your favorite place in the world to travel and why?

Chris: I do not have a specific country as I don’t return often to the same place. My favorite continent would be the southern part of South America, China and Pacific Islands. There is culture, nature and good food!


Q: Who is the most interesting or strange person you have met on your travels?

Chris: Difficult. I try to connect with locals where possible. Each one has a personal story to tell and they are all as interesting. One thing I remember well is my visit to a garbage dump in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It’s just sad to see how they survice but still have a smile.

Q: When did you start traveling, and what made you want to travel?

Chris: I started to travel for business first about 10 years ago. Of course I did holidays when I was young but the real bug I got only in my mid twenties when my kids were around 5 years old. I have always been curious about cultures and other ways of thinking so it was a logical choice. At first I did 12 hour flights just to have 2 days business meetings and go back. This is exhausting so I started to add 5-7 days of leisure to explore new parts of the world. I still do that today.

Q: What was your favorite meal that you’ve had while traveling?

Chris: I love food. This can be a simple fried rice dish on the middle of a highway in China during traffic yam but also 3 star fine dining. I eat everything which includes snake, insects, rat, dog and much more weird things for a Westener. Just keep in mind: for others that’s normal and they might never have seen a potato for example.


Q: Where would you go if you could fly anywhere in the world right now? What would you do there?

Chris: Antartica. That’s number 1 of my bucket list. I want to see penguins, the landscape and other wildlife. This trip I want to do with my daughter of 12 whos favorite animal is a penguin.

Q: Do you ever take days off from exploring while you’re traveling? If so, how did you spend those days?

Chris: I never did that till recently. I almost finished my diving course which of course is still exploring but it’s different. I try to add a beach or pool day now. It just that if you travel 200 days a year and you go exploring daily from 8AM to 10PM you’ll get way to tired. Now, I try to have 1 or 2 days free time on each 5 or 6 days.

Q: If you could become a local in one of the places you’ve travelled, which place would it be? And why?

Chris: China. I’m in love with that country! I even learned a bit of Chinese. I wouldn’t stay in polluted Beijing but some nice medium sized town. Maybe in Xi’an?

Q: How has traveling long term changed your view of home?

Chris: I see home only as a place to have a base and where my family is. I think when the kids leave home I’ll get a smaller house with my wife and travel more with her. My business I can run from anywhere so why stay at home?

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