Travel Pro Interview Series: Esther & Jacob

How to travel together, even when the road gets rough.

By Ankita Seth


Q: How do you find cheap flights? Do you have a trick or favorite site?

E & J: We use a lot of the common sites that every one uses, like Kayak. When it comes down to it, we're looking for the most convenient flight at the best price. I've then learned to not check prices after I purchase it so I don't get buyer's remorse.

Q: What’s been your biggest challenge travelling as a couple?

E & J: We are very different people. Over our 7 years of marriage we've learned to compromise, but we still bicker and fight when we're on the road.

Q: What’s the greatest thing about traveling as a couple?

E & J: You always have someone with you! Whether the trip is amazing, or you're dealing with bumps in the road, you have someone you're comfortable and familiar with going through it with you.


Q: Your top tips for couples to planning an extended trip together?

E & J: The longer you travel together, the more likely you'll get into situations where you'll disagree. You need to learn to fight and make up quickly! It's all about compromising.

Q: How did you know you could travel without killing each other?

E & J: We jumped right in. We fought a lot and still do, but we learned to travel amidst disagreement.

Q: How many countries have you traveled in so far? What countries are next on your list?

E & J: 39, Not sure yet! Potentially Japan or Australia.


Q:. When did you start traveling, and what made you want to travel?

E & J: Started major traveling when living in Shanghai since it was easy to get to many different places. Discovered our passion for travel when realizing how different every place was.

Q: Where would you go if you could fly anywhere in the world right now? What would you do there?

E & J: Antarctica! Do a polar plunge and dance with (or just photograph) some penguins

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