Travel Pro Interview Series: Aurelia Teslaru

Explore the world! May the travel bug bite you.

By Ankita Seth


Q: What are your top go-to resources for booking flights?

Aurelia: I always use It’s pretty easy to use and I love their ‘everywhere’ feature which basically shows you the cheapest destinations for your selected travel dates. A little spontaneity never hurts, right?

Q: What’s been your biggest challenge traveling as a couple?

Aurelia: I think that the hardest part when traveling as a couple is not the traveling itself but the planning. Planning takes a lot of time and requires input from both parts: from deciding the destination, to buying the plane tickets and choosing the accommodation.

Q: What’s the greatest thing about traveling as a couple?

Aurelia: Every time I travel with my boyfriend I learn something about me and about ourselves, as a couple. For example, when my boyfriend got food intoxication in Morocco, I have learnt that I can handle stressful situations even when I am in a foreign country. Also, traveling with my loved one, taught me to be more patient and compromise from time to time.


Q: Your top tips for couples to planning an extended trip together?

Aurelia: I think that before adventuring in a long term trip with your loved one, you should make sure that you have similar interests. If one loves the nightlife and the other loves museums, it is pretty hard to reach an agreement on the activities you are going to experience. Also, I think trust is mandatory and definitely the most important ingredient for a successful trip.

Q: How did you know you could travel without killing each other?

Aurelia: As long as the relationship is healthy prior to traveling, I think that there will be no killing involved. A healthy relationship based on trust and understanding will be the same no matter the environment.

Q: How many countries have you traveled in so far? What countries are next on your list?

Aurelia: We have traveled to 26 countries in almost 5 years of relationship. We used all our vacation days for traveling but now we are taking it to the next level. We have just quit our jobs and starting with February we will be traveling around Asia for at least one year. We do not have an itinerary, we only know our first destination: Thailand.


Q: What are the best and worst countries to travel as a couple?

Aurelia: In my opinion, there is no such thing as the worst country to travel as a couple. Each country has its beauty. We loved each of our destinations: we loved Morocco for its colors, we loved Iceland for its glaciers, we loved Belgium for its chocolate, we loved Netherlands for the bikes and list goes on.

Q: What are your three must have travel essentials?

Aurelia: I never travel without: external batteries in case my phone dies, my Nikon which captures all the beauty I see and comfortable sneakers.

Q: What was your favorite meal that you’ve had while traveling?

Aurelia: I absolutely loved tajine in Morocco. I think that if I should chose one meal to eat all my life, this would be it. Tajine is a mix between beef or chicken and vegetables which are steam cooked in a traditional Moroccan pot.

Q: Where would you go if you could fly anywhere in the world right now? What would you do there?

Aurelia: I would definitely go to Machu Picchu and hike the Inca Trail. It has been a dream of mine since I was little. What attracts me about this place are all the secrets that have not yet been solved and the beautiful view, of course.

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