Travel Pro Interview Series: Alicia Baker

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

By Ankita Seth


Q: Why and when did you become a hiker?

Alicia: Growing up in seven states, I have done my fair share of traveling and exploring. As a kid, I remember my parents taking us kids hiking and camping, and have always loved those memories and adventures. It wasn't until I was in college that I started adventuring on my own. I found that I loved being in nature, away from technology and people. It gave me a chance to see things that most people wouldn’t even think of wanting to see. I liked feeling that I saw something special, plus it gave me great exercise and was free entertainment. Now that I have a dog, he makes hiking even more enjoyable by us bonding.

Q: How often do you go camping/hiking in a year? What was your most recent trip?

Alicia: I try to camp at least once a month (less in Winter), and I hike/backpack an average of 700 miles per year. My most recent trip was backpacking Buckskin Gulch – the world’s longest and deepest slot canyon. It was amazing!


Q: What advice would you give to people who want to start camping/hiking?

Alicia: Go with confidence. Don’t think about the “what ifs” – enjoy the scenery, the exercise, go with friends who also enjoy hiking and don’t be afraid to try new trails.

Q: What are your favorite places to hike and why?

Alicia: I love hiking in the Wasatch and the Uintas because I’ve been in Utah for 4 years. There are just so many trails to choose from, and they are all a little different. I love how dog-friendly the trails are here, and you can experience everything from red rock to mountains in one day. Every peak you climb to you will get a great view. I also have a special spot for hiking in the Bridger Mountains of Montana, where I began hiking solo. I just love the ruggedness and steep ridgelines.

Q: What are some good backpacking tips for women?

Alicia: Backpack with girlfriends who have experience and can teach you new or better ways of backpacking, don’t survive on granola bars alone, and only go for 1 night for your first trip.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and find her travel stories on her Blog.


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