Travel Pro Interview Series: Lindsey and Esther

From San Francisco to over 30 countries. What they learned along the way.

By Ankita Seth


Q: When you travel, what is your best hack for getting from one place to another?

E & L: We usually like driving so we have a more flexible schedule and can do spontaneous stops along the way.

Q: How do you find cheap flights?

E & L: We used this website to find cheap flight deals.

Q: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while flying or taking a train?

E & L: When taking the train in Vietnam, we accidentally booked the "locals sleeper train" and ended up with hello kitty sheets and pillows


Q: How many countries have you traveled in so far? What countries are next on your list?

E & L: We have visited over 30+ countries till now. We don't have any international trips planned for the future right now but the last countries we visited were Canada and South Africa.

Q: What is your favorite place in the world to travel and why?

E & L: Love traveling to Asia since it's fairly affordable and there are many countries that are close together so its easy to see a lot in a shorter period of time.

Q: Who is the most interesting or strange person you have met on your travels?

E & L: In Africa we got quiet a few marriage proposals!

Q: What was your favorite meal that you’ve had while traveling?

E & L: Too many to count but the pasta in Italy can't be beat.


Q:. When did you start traveling, and what made you want to travel?

E & L: Started major traveling when living in Shanghai since it was easy to get to many different places. Discovered our passion for travel when realizing how different every place was.

Q: Where would you go if you could fly anywhere in the world right now?

E & L: Would like to visit Patagonia in Argentina to go hiking.

Q: Do you ever take days off from exploring while you’re traveling?

E & L: Nope. The schedule is almost always fully packed to maximize our time there.


Q: What are your top two aha moments brought by travelling?

E & L: 1) Different people can see things from a totally different perspective. 2) Travelling can be an addiction.

Q: If you could become a local in one of the places you’ve travelled, which place would it be? And why?

E & L: Love America and also the flexibility to travel easily to most places in the world.

Q: How has traveling long term changed your view of home?

E & L: It's made me appreciate the many blessings we have here in America.

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