Strange Places Podcast: Adventuring Responsibly with Phill Monson

Phill joins me to talk about his work raising awareness on how to be a better steward of the environment.

Listen to the episode:

full-width Photo: Phill cleaning up Big Cottonwood Canyon

In this episode learn about:

  • The massive rise of nature photos on Instagram (pros & cons)
  • Big Cottonwood Canyon's little trash problem
  • Phill's brand Entrada Outdoor: "Adventure Responsibly & Clean up your sh🌲t"
  • Goldfish thinking: why discussions about Salt Lake City's air only occur during January through March
  • People sharpieing rocks, discarded dirty diapers, old tires and more weird found trash
  • A license to... Hike? Signage for fake fines, and other creative ideas to tackle the growing trash problem in national parks
  • Social Media mob justice for vandals
  • Poppypocalypse superbloom photos by IG Influencers and their copycats
  • Witnessed: a river of garbage right off screen in Bali Instagram glamour photo shoot
  • ... and more ...


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