The Journey of a Travel Couple - Amrita & Richard

Travel together, stay together: Relationship Goals

By Ankita Seth


Our Story:

We are high school sweethearts who began traveling in University with the minimal funds we had; and we were hooked right away. We continued to talk about the places we dreamed to go; and year after year we made it happen. Any vacation time we have (we both are full time teachers), we plan a getaway, whether it be far or near our goal is to keep making memories as we explore the world together. We recently had a baby boy and it is important to us to keep travelling as a couple and as a family. We want to share the world with him! Our goal is to expose him to many different cultures and experiences. We also plan to take a year off from work in the next five years so we can immerse him into a culture and interact with the locals.

Best part Of travelling as a couple:

We encourage one another to get out of our comfort zones and try something new. We do have many shared interests but sometimes we have to be willing to participate in an activity we may not have otherwise chosen; and it often ends up being a memorable and bonding experience. Whether it’s going to high tea, attending a sporting event, or sleeping on a beach in Thailand we both see the importance of broadening our interests and ensuring both of our dreams are being fulfilled as we explore this beautiful world. #lifecantwait


Solo Travel vs Couple Travel:

We feel that while Solo travel encourages you to meet new people and learn about yourself as an individual, travelling as a couple means sharing every new experience. One thing we love to do is reminisce about the times we have had during our travels; and even looking through past photos when deciding what to post each day, allows us to reflect on how blessed we are and sparks a fire in us to keep planning future travel.

Is it hard to travel together?

We have a lot of common travel goals: to eat great food, enjoy beverages, be exposed to culture and the outdoors and trying something new. We have a lot of similar tastes…we even both love to shop when visiting a big city! Richard loves to capture many moments and landscapes with his camera. He can also be quite picky about the way it turns out. He can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes trying to get the perfect shot. There are definitely times I can get impatient, especially when it’s scorching hot out, so there have been some arguments about that. The truth is though, I am grateful for all the photos we have and the way it allows us to bring those memories home.

Travel Together-Stay Together:

Just make sure to listen to each other’s travel goals and interests. Then create a short term or long term plan so you make them happen!

Relationship Goals:

Keep living the exciting life we lived before our little boy Onyx was born. It is a misconception that your life has to drastically change, or you cannot travel when you have a little one.

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