Strange Places Podcast: Adventures in the Outdoors with James and Reed

James and Reed talk about their experiences climbing big mountains, biking long distance, climbing in Cuba, and much more.

Listen to the episode:

full-width Photo: James and Reed photographed while ascending Huascarán, a mountain situated in the western Andes range in Peru. With a peak elevation of 22,205 ft, it is the 4th highest mountain in the entire Western Hemisphere!

In this episode learn about:

  • Biking 700 miles of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico
  • What it takes to travel to Cuba as an American citizen
  • How to handle being interrogated by the US CBP upon returning home (United States Customs and Border Protection)
  • Funsponges: What they are and how to avoid them
  • Living La Vida Van Life: 6 years of experience living in a van and hitting the some of the world's rock climbing hotspots
  • Thom, James and Reed hiking the Annapurna range in Nepal
  • Drinking "broccoli water" at 21,000 feet and handling the Screamie-Barfies
  • Blowing the biggest Blue Dart
  • And finally: a marriage proposal for Thom???

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