We're changing our name...

From now on Jack Of All Fares is Flights Machine

By Ben Gelsey


Heads Up!

After long deliberations at HQ between Thom and myself, we've decided to rebrand our fledgling Flight Deals mailing list as Flights Machine. Ultimately, Jack of all Fares was too confusing of a name and people just didn't get it. Flights Machine is simpler, focusing on the flight deals that we find for you each and every week.

What you need to know

In your inbox, be sure to whitelist [email protected], since that is the email address you'll be getting deals from going forward. Here's how to do it in various email clients.

Similarly, in case you want to reach out my new email address is [email protected] and Thom's is [email protected]. As always, our inboxes are open for any questions, concerns or if you just want to say hi!

Cheers, Ben Co-creator of Flights Machine

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