Strange Places Podcast: The Pure Joy and Misery of Bike Touring with Joey Howell and Kevin Box

Joey Howell and Kevin Box join me to talk about bike touring in the USA, how cheap it can be, and how it differs from other forms of travel.

Listen to the episode:

In this episode learn about:

  • What it's like to travel 1000s of miles by bike
  • How to prepare (or not) for your first bike tour
  • The hot cheeto diet: eating +6,000 calories per day and LOSING weight
  • How Joey biked 2,100 miles in 6 weeks to move from Wisconsin to Salt Lake
  • What happens when you bike 70 miles in 105°F heat
  • The generosity of strangers: water, snacks and best of all cold beer
  • The "ice cream shop rule" on bike tours
  • "If I could do it, it wasn’t enough" --- bike touring as a metaphor for life
  • Chamois Butt’r (pron. "Shammy Butter") --- heaven in a tube
  • How much bike tour gear costs and daily budgets while on the road
  • Practical stuff: showering & sleeping while on the road
  • The importance of public land policies & SUWA (Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance)
  • Safety issues, dealing with distracted drivers and how to protect yourself
  • Living life "with the volume turned up": perfect days, tears of joy and tears of sorrow, conversations with yourself and screaming as loud as you can in the middle of nowhere

full-width Photo: Cruising past some big snow banks.

full-width Photo: Joey's bike touring gear, loaded and unloaded.

full-width Photo: Joey camping out on the public lands he loves in Southern Utah.

full-width Photo: Kevin arriving in Colorado by bike.

full-width Photo: Taking a break with the bike fully loaded.

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