Strange Places Podcast: A Healthy Appetite for Misadventure with Anthony and Ross

Anthony and Ross join me and tell stories of going for big goals and sometimes going a little too big.

Listen to the episode:

full-width Photo: Anthony climbing in the Dolomites, Italy

In this episode learn about:

  • Anthony & Ross summit the Matterhorn in Italy (the "Perfect Peak") with only 6 months of mountaineering experience
  • "Small Lake City" abroad: Anthony running into a fellow SLC'er in New Zealand
  • Are you a mountaineering "gumby"? Find out how Anthony went from Gumby to Guru
  • Words of wisdom: "If you struggle going up... You’re going to have a hell of a time getting down."
  • Using "Pre-Mortem" analysis to stay safe during mountaineering expeditions
  • Mountain picks in the USA:
    • The Wind River range in Wyoming
    • Sandstone towers in the Moab desert in Utah
    • Ultra prominent peaks like Wheeler Peak in the Great Basin in Nevada
    • Mount Stuart in the Cascades in Washington
  • Anthventures --- "adventures" with Anthony such as:
    • Sleeping in a pit toilet to weather a snow-storm
    • Being trapped on a glacier for 8 days with only 4 days of food
    • Stalking a black bear for 4 hours after he stole your bike bag
    • ... and more ...

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