5 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel

How to cut back now so you can cut loose on your trip.

By Diana Sita


Anybody can have a bucket list and just about everybody can dream of traveling the world, but it takes some effort to turn those dreams into reality. How many of us wish to go somewhere new and exotic every year, and unless you’re a trust fund baby or you’ve struck gold early on in life, the biggest hurdle that many would have to overcome is usually money.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, have your own business or work the 9 to 5 every day, we all need some help when it comes to saving money in order to travel. So in this post, you’ll find 5 easy tips on how you can save a few dollars every day to put into your travel fund. Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to sell your stuff or move in with your parents, but just simple little tweaks in your everyday routine can really make a huge difference!

1. Cut Down On Take-Aways

It’s so easy to just run down the street and grab your favorite meal from that really popular plant-based food and salad bar on your way to work but why not make your breakfast and lunch at home? A homemade meal (minus the fancy packaging) will save you a surprising amount and you’ll notice huge savings in food over the next few months. $3 or $4 here and there can really add up. Keep track and review your week and you’ll see how much you’ve saved in food. This applies to coffee too!

2. Give Yourself A Shopping Limit

It’s all about self-control, my friend. We know it's tempting to splurge when the mood strikes but think how much it would add up if you were to “treat” yourself to something new every other week? Give yourself a spending limit and stick to it. Instead of $200, limit yourself to $50 and what you don’t spend can go straight into your travel fund!


3. No More Happy Hour

This is probably the toughest one out of the whole list but let’s face it, alcohol is expensive. We’re not saying that you should completely eliminate cocktail night but the amount you spend at Happy Hour can really make a difference to your travel fund. Again, self-control and knowing your limit is always good.

4. Start A Separate Savings Account

This is the easiest way to keep track of your travel fund. But remember, do not touch the account unless you’re putting money in or taking it out for travel. Do whatever you can to fatten it up – instead of expensive coffee, lunch or Happy Hour, put that money into your travel fund instead. You’ll see that it will be worth it!


5. Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing This

There’ll be days when it gets hard but when you feel like giving up, remember to keep sight of your travel goals. We like to use an image of our next dream destination as wallpaper on our phone and computer. Do this for your vision board too if you have one. Follow as many travelers as you can on Instagram and read up on travel tips whenever possible. Give yourself a set timeframe so that the goal is actually real and tangible.

Once you’ve saved enough to start traveling, you will probably need to find cheap flights to suit your travel budget. Read our post on how to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost here or simply find the most affordable flights to anywhere with Flights Machine. Happy travels!

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