About Flights Machine

Emailing you the best flight deals from your home city to destinations all over the world.

Flights Machine is the new way to plan your next vacation. Rather than spending hours searching for flights on sites like Expedia, Kayak, Google Flights or Priceline, let us do the hard work and send you the best deals we find via email and SMS.

If you're like most people, you just want to go *somewhere*. Whether it's Rome, Rio, Hawaii or Havana, your travel bucket list is probably long and varied. So why not leverage that flexibility to get the best price available on your airfare. Twice weekly, we send you 4 of the best deals from your home airport to destinations all over the world.

The booking process is simple. When you see a deal you like (ex. Tokyo in May for $530 roundtrip), just click the booking link in our deal alert to be redirected to one of the standard booking sites (Kayak, Expedia, Google Flights, etc) where you can purchase your ticket as usual.

How We Make Money

Our deal alert email list is 100% free to join. In each email alert there are 4 deals included. However, for our free users only the 1st has a booking link. The other 3 are kept solely for our All-Access members, who pay to access 100% of our deals. Memberships are priced at $30 for a 6 month membership, $45 for a 1-year membership, or $150 for a lifetime membership.

Again, keep in mind that you can join for free and our free deals are also really good, people book them all the time. Many of our All-Access members began as free members, and then waited until they saw an All-Access deal to a destination that they were interested in before they decided to upgrade to access the deal. You'll quickly see, just booking one ticket using our deals is likley to save you $100s of dollars (even more if you are booking for your family or with friends), thus making a All-Access membership a no-brainer based on all the money that it saves you.

Even More Information

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